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EasyscrApp – The Ultimate Scrap Metal & Scrap Plastic Trading Platform

12 Apr EasyscrApp – The Ultimate Scrap Metal & Scrap Plastic Trading Platform

Download project description here

The EasyscrApp Portal

The EasyscrApp Portal is a virtual marketplace specifically designed to transact direct and tailored business within the scope of the ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic commodity trade. A dedicated app for smartphones and tables will also become available.

This is not just any virtual marketplace – this is an innovative, comprehensive, highly customisable tool that enables its users to set up their own virtual office and transact business safely, anytime, anywhere.

The EasyscrApp Home Page represents an actual window wide open to the scrap market world. Industry-related news, market trends, LME graphics and sea or road freight fares are featured on dedicated pages.

Keeping up to date with the latest news, and monitoring market trends has never been easier.

Thanks to this platform the whole recycling world is just a click away.


Target Users

This is a member-only portal developed to bring together all of the professionals actively operating in the scrap metal and scrap plastic recycling industry regardless of their location.

By virtue of this distance-nullifying tool, a strong and close-knit network of professionals will be built with a view to developing long-term, solid and fruitful business partnerships.

EasyscrApp has been specifically designed to serve the needs of the following users:

– Recyclable metal, non-metal and plastics waste & scrap generators
– Scrap metal and scrap plastics end users and recycling facilities that process waste or secondary  raw materials
– Traders and facilitators
– Freight forwarding companies and carriers that offer logistics services (i.e. road transport, sea freight, rail transport, etc.) and provide assistance with customs clearance procedures as well as any and all freight-related matters
– Inspection and quality control agencies

In the firm belief that a successful undertaking emerges as a result of a refined simplicity, great efforts were made to generate as intuitive, user-friendly and straightforward a tool as possible.


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